King of Catan

What is King of Catan?

‘King of Catan’ is a combination of all the different online Catan tournaments hosted in the King of Catan Discord-server. King of Catan is known for having an active community, full of high-profile Catan players, like CATAN World Champions, National Champions and Premier League Champions.

This Discord-server is founded and lead by, popular Catan YouTuber, Treeckosaurus (also known as Henk van der Wijk) who founded KoC at July 2nd, 2019. The server has grown to sizes well over 1800 players and produces countless unforgettable moments and stories.

If you want to experience it for yourself, I recommend joining with the link below.

How to use the King of Catan Discord?

The King of Catan-matches are hosted in the King of Catan Discord-server. Discord is a platform like Skype, but with some extra features to improve its user-friendliness.
You register an account with your mail address. In the video on the side, you can see how you can do this, as well as how to get started in King of Catan.
Here is a link to get your own Discord-account. It’s free.
"King of Catan is the longest running online Catan tournament organized by Treeckosaurus. One of the leading figures in the Catan community and attended by the best Catan players in the world."

About Treeckosaurus

Treeckosaurus, also known as Henk, is a CATAN Coach who makes videos and hosts tournaments for the online Catan community: King of Catan.

After being a nobody in online gaming when he joined the BTD Battles KOTH-tournament in 2014, he kept improving his gaming skills to become the Catan-player he is today.

Since launching King of Catan on the 2nd of July 2019, Treeckosaurus became a 10-time CATAN tournament finalist with growing YouTube- and Patreon-pages.

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