Behind the Hexes – Trissie89

Behind the Hexes puts the spotlight on C&K again, and who would be a better choice than the “two times in a row KoC C&K champion” trissie89?

As you can see, trissie is an ancient and very successful player in the online Catan scene. He already won titles on many platforms. He is known as an eloquent and versatile player who knows how to get players to trade with him and knows any Catan mode by hard.

Behind the Hexes – Vrej —

For this installment of Behind the Hexes we chose to highlight Vrej. A longtime casual player who’s been competitive since 2019, he’s known around parts of the Catan community as “The Wizard” for his ability to sneak a win out of nowhere. He has a unique view of the game- and an unapologetic love for what is arguably the worst resource on the board.